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There may be bonuses and promotion pay rises for those who are still in contract, but not for those out of contract.

Jury’s out on the manager at the moment. His PPG record is not much better than his predecessor or the one before, but in his defence, he didnt sign these players. The summer will see a huge turnround in players, and the word on the street is that its going to be data driven, like Brentford do. So the days of signing “proven” L1 players like Power, Grigg etc is supposed to be over. Young, fit, quick, hungry are the requirements. If they come with that attitude, they’ll get to train at the best facilities and play in the best stadium in front of the largest crowds. And they’ll probably get paid the highest

I wouldnt back Sunderland to even go up in the playoffs now and have resigned myself to another season in this league. Hopefully I’ll get another trip to the DW – maybe they’ll give us the East Stand again?

Everybody currently playing for Sunderland this season is under contract ,they would all get a promotion bonus ,something has obviously happened behind the scenes.As it stands Sunderland would play Oxford in the play off’s.That would be interesting after their last league match.