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So I take it the players just follow suit ?. There will be a fair few greedy f**kers (mostly foreign players) who will sign up no problem but how many of the UK players will be dead against it.

Most players start playing the game at a young age with one thing in mind, winning. Winnnig their League , Cup, beating relegation, lifting a trophy whether it be at Robin Park or Wembley. The vast majority never think they will ever earn enough to be set for life and only a handful in comparison to how many play the game ever do.

You cannot tell me that there’s alot of those players who don’t wan’t this league, what do they do ?. I think this is a dummy spitting exercise based on the Champions League announcing a new format today and the greedy f**kers wanting more than the rest, a shot across the bow of the Premier League.

the only problem is they used a peas shooter