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I’ll be honest, I’m very bitter about what has happened to this club in the last 10 months.

You expect rival fans to react with ‘banter’ and jokes about going bust, but when fellow clubs are basically standing on your head to keep you under the water that doesn’t sit well with me.

The reaction from everyone to the supposed ESL has shown that unless you’re one of the apparent big clubs that nobody cares about you. The same people that could have saved Bury, Macclesfield and helped ourselves and Bton that were nowhere to be seen were instantly outraged. Sky Sports are still going on about it now and let’s be honest….they’d have shown it if they were given the chance. We weren’t even chip paper because we weren’t even in the paper.

Wiganers who happily watched us die. I drive past a house on Montrose regular that has Liverpool flags outside. That p**** was probably one of the ones who set off fireworks at the same time his hometown club had been relegated due to no fault of their own. Again….imagine the uproar if a big side was “sold” in the same way we were.

Today was a big fat f*** you to each and every person/club that tried to kill us, and I could not be any more proud that this is my club.

Alan Nixon has criticised us for celebrating finishing 20th. Well Alan, I’d have celebrated finishing 24th because at several moments this year I wasn’t even sure we would make week 46 let alone make it already safe.

We as fans (even those who gave in) deserve to celebrate this for as long as we bloody well like. The greatest of great escapes.

Up the f****** Tics!!!!!