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Wasn’t a flair set off and aimed at the Sky pundits box ? And a full beer can thrown at them ?.

It’s time the Prem grew some bollix and dished out punishment.
Standing back simply opens the door for others to do.
It makes me cry with laughter how these ppl thing they will change the mindset of billionaire’s.

Like Perez said : It hasn’t gone away it will be back”.

Just like when they formed a new club in protest of the Glaziers this bellend protesting will fizzle out and the ESL will 100% happen.
Get those faces of social media ban and arrest them, breaking and entering then ban them all for life and fine the club £50 million and dock 12 points.
Let’s see what happens 12th May, same again ??.
What I wanna know is, how did all the londonders get to the ground so quick ?.
Comical stupid idiots, they looked like children in the playground

Grow up u fcukin bunch of nobheads, hang your heads in shame

And sky were basically encouraging it.