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It’s not like he’ll cost a club the earth plus plus if reports are correct he has more than one admirer.

Look at it another way, let’s say he turns a move and he becomes 3rd 4th choice at Wigan, will that move ever be on the table again without regular football ?.

Footballs about taking your chance when opportunities arise. Right now he has a choice of 3 big clubs.

Then let’s take the scenario that he leaves. He will have to improve 10 fold to even get a sniff or end up wiltering away in some big club reserves.

There’s a small chance he could break through to the 1st team and if not he could easily go out on loan to a team say in the Championship.

I know if it was me I would leave for sure. If we hadn’t of let in that goal against Charlton this thread wouldn’t exist because he’d still be playing in the youth system.

Sometimes in life things suddenly happen out the blue and life’s dealt Joseph a good hand. Right now Joseph’s holding a Royal Flush and he definitely doesn’t wanna fold

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