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I’ve a feeling LR will give most of the squad a crack at the championship. Weather their all up to it is another matter.

Sorry but the current squad as it stands will not be good enough for the Championship. The Championship is another level altogether and we need at least 6incoming.
My concern is with new coming in we only have 2 players out of contract so unless players kindly leave we might struggle (loaning out to make room been the answer).

The Charlie Wyke saga will need to be sorted asap whether he’s going to make a start back otherwise we will need to bring in a main man up front.

But like I said, this squad is no were near good enough to hold its own in the championship. We won the League at the end simply because no one was good enough to take advantage of our poor end of season form.
We won 5 in our last 13 games. For me we desperately need wide players natural wingers. Wyke and Magennis are NOT hold up ling ball target men. These 2 thrive on balls whipped in.
Personally I would move Pearce up overlapping with McClean because some of the crosses he puts in are Prem quality band any forward would be over the moon seeing balls coming in with quality.