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Like I said it’s a whole different scenario with some clubs (likes of Stoke) with an endless pit of cash then Prem clubs coming done with money who can afford to retain players for at least one season.

I’ve not a clue who but with the right recruitment we should be OK. It’s not an impossible League Luton have proved that with the lowest budget in the Championship.

With the greatest respect, Wigan aren’t going to be competing with Stoke, Sheff Utd/Forest, Middlesborough, Watford, Norwich and Leeds/Burnley/Everton – they’ll all be fighting for top 2 or top 6 along with a host of other clubs.

Look at Luton as an example of gradual improvement. Get promoted from L1, survive on last day, improve slightly to mid-table, then get 6th place. All done on low income and low wages. No big spends, no big debts. Just good organisation on and off the pitch.

4th bottom next season is success for any promoted club.