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Get that 20 quid out mutty lad. Max did some pointing today alright. He pointed at his third winners medal.

I see Grigg got promoted again. Just the one club he’s struggled at.

At least you have a championship quality squad eh

Looks like it was a championship quality squad all along. Looking forward to taking over the DW next season already – do you think Talal will be offering freebies for your ST holders to sell to Sunderland fans again?

Now JR – about that wager:

Wigan finished as the 45th best side in England. Sunderland finished as the 49th best side.

My £20 says that in 22/23, Sunderland will improve on theirs more than Wigan will improve on theirs.

Wanna dance?

I’ll dance mutty.

Loser pays £20 to charity of winners choosing?