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Mutty ,as you are a die hard Black Cats fan were you there yesterday or were you watching your main club getting beat at Hull ? For someone who was brought up in Springfield I can’t get my head around why you support Sunderland ,what’s your connection with them ? Do you have family from there ? Will be interesting next season , I think Sunderland have issues behind the scenes ( ownership problems )that they need to sort out before they can really move forward. As for us ,I am more than confident ,with a few shrewd additions , we will be competitive in the Championship .


Could you elaborate , not really a satisfactory answer is it . You stopped watching Latics , attached yourself to another football club you have no connection with but carried on supporting Wigan Warriors ,does not make a lot of sense does it, unless that is you have the same hate towards Latics that basically you are accusing Bullit of having towards the Warriors.

This is the bit I don’t get either. Turns his back on the football club, switches allegiances to another that is miles away, yet continues to support the r***y!! And to top it off comes on here frequently & elsewhere as pie eater. Why do you continue coming onto this forum? And please answer that question & the ones asked before by bullit & phoenix. But for some reason you can’t give reasonable answers. :unsure: