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Worrying really.

Especially if there’s any truth that Leam commented to someone at the breakfast fixture launch event that they shouldnt expect signings and they want to give these lads a chance.

That for me, is a big gamble. Remember the Blackburn cup game? Ok, we won that day, but for 60 mins we were 3 passes and 3 yards slower and off the pace. But for Mowbray playing a 2nd choice keeper, we wouldn’t have won. It was frightening how much they were sharper and quicker than us. And thats going to be the same for most teams we will face. I expect Norrrth End to come out at us like a steam train, Norwich too…and so on.

I think we definitely lack pace in the squad…throughout the positions. Leam will either live or die by his decision. Is it gos decision, or has he been told to do it? I think its really naive to not strengthen, and I cant feel that Leam is that daft. We didn’t exactly blow League One away and apart from 3 or 4 teams, the quality was mediocre. We are going up to another level comoletely and it could be a bad mistake.

I said weeks ago we would not bring players in, I hoped I was wrong. Ive not actually renewed this season, I’m just going to pick and choose a few games, I’m already away for a few games due to work and other things and probably will be unavailable for others during the season too.