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McClean hasn’t got the legs get up and down for 90. Last season he was good for an hour then he’d fade out the game.
I’m just taken back with Richardson’s comments saying he’s going to give players a chance. I don’t think he see’s the woods for the tree’s.
The current squad is simply not strong enough. It needs I’d say min 4-5 players adding, some youth and a bit of experience.
If we try to compete with our current squad we will struggle to stay up.
This is were coaches and managers show they are what they are. Coaches train the players managers and owners bring in,
Managers and owners see weaknesses and bring players in to strengthen.

If you don’t try to strengthen every season then you cannot progress. That’s wether you finish top or bottom the previous year.
I think I speak for all it’s good to see Wyke on the mend but from a footballing side we cannot do another season at a higher level without a forward good enough to compete.
I’m afraid Shinnie and Magennis will be found out this coming for sure.