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Well, football is a game of opinions.

Here is mine. The squad as it is, will struggle and I think we will have our arses served to us a good few times this season. I think we might have a shock against Preston, and certainly against Norwich too. I think we will then panic a little when we realise we are short

Its a worry that last season we were half the side without McClean in it. And this season he will be playing at a higher standard, a much higher standard. He won’t cope in that left wing back role as quicker teams and faster players will catch him out. Last season he struggled against Lyndon Gooch. I love McClean going forward though.

I think theres a bigger gap now between League One and The Championship, as Peterborough showed last season. A good, strong side in League One, they struggled badly in The Championship. Its a worry. We hardly blew a quite mediocre League One apart, didn’t we? We struggled against the more classier outfits, and also against well drilled sides such as Cambridge and Fleetwood. I am really worried how we will fair this coming season. Show faith to last seaons lads? There’s no place for sentiment in football. No room for ‘jobs for the boys’, they’re either good enough, or they aren’t.
Off the field, ultimately I think the club has let the euphoria of last seasons success ebb away. They haven’t kept momentum up. This could/should have been kept stoked to whet peoples appetites? Get a big multi clip of previous successes and goals against PNE, with a lively sound track and a big build up to the seasons opener. Chuck in some bit by bit new kit teasers also. We just arent doing enough/anything. Do a prize draw to win the mystery new shirt…or maybe a shirt signed by last seasons champions? Little things like that. I follow a lot of other clubs and watch what they’re up to with things like this. Latics have been silent. Matchday tickets? Maybe look at doing a ‘Five For £75’ book of 5 tickets, to entice those who can’t commit to a full season ticket.
Just ideas…ideas…ideas. We all just want whats best and to see us prosper.