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I must have imagined the regular social media posts about last season and past goals against the sides we will play next season. Add to that a kit teaser from Talal and his regular Q&A sessions and I don’t think the club can be classed as silent exactly.

Then again….bloody rubbish Wigan.

Last season is gone. The recap videos have only been put out because theres nothing new to put out. We are literally about to play in a whole different level.

And some 3rd party club employee ghosting Q and A sessions for Talal…come on, you dont actually think Talal is sat there on his laptop do you? You must be gullible if you really do think that. :scratch:

I’ve not seen a new kit teaser, anywhere.

Personally, I think its going to be a very hard season ahead and the club are taking a big gamble in giving it a shot with the players we’ve got. We struggled over the line last season, in what was a very poor League One. I think we could get of to a start that sees us like Rabbits in car headlights, if we aren’t careful. Gut feeling is it could take us 5 games or more into the season before we get any points onboard.
First season since 86 Ive not renewed. 4 of us havent yet, but the other 3 will be probably. I dont want the commitment because I know Im already missing certain games through work and other commitments. But ultimately I am just NOT excited at all about the coming season. We weren’t particularly strong at the back end of last season, and for me throughout a League One season we didnt exactly power our way to promotion. We will certainly have to up our tempo. I think we need players in to help us do that, because if we try and play that tippy tappy out of defence, slow tempo shite this season, we will get punished by cery clinical sides.

Not recruiting wisely could really come back to haunt us. We will see. I hope Leam is a strong enough character to speak up ifnwe do start off bad and looking short. In the grand scheme of things, these new owners havent chucked much money at things yet. Leam actually worked wonders to get that side together last season, for practically nothing. But the Championship is a different thing alltogether.