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As I’ve said I’m already unavailable for some games,and more will crop up. So not going to commit to a ST I won’t use.

I have other reasons for not doing as well, which I don’t want to go into on here. But ultimately, I think I’ve just lost interest. You may find this hard to understand, but I didn’t really enjoy last season. I thought there were times when what I was watching was pretty dire. We made hard work of a lot of games and whenever we came up against any half decent side, we cocked up. We got very lucky at Cambridge and Fleetwood, who were just also-ran teams. We made Bolton look really good for half an hour and made Sunderland and Sheff Wed look like worldbeaters. It was a poor league and I wasnt impressed with us. I dont like that passing out of our own penalty box, at all. Do that this next season and we will come unstuck.
I just stopped enjoying it. I couldn’t lift myself to get excited about winning the title on the last day, never went to party in the park, never celebrated it.

Thats just my reality. I dont expect others to agree at all, but that says how mybinterest has waned. Not just Latics, football in general.