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Still waiting for club communications to actually start. No announcement on season ticket sales, nowt on away allocations and nowt on potd prices.
Seen better marketing and communications in the Northern Premier League.

You seem to only read or listen to what you want, or possibly you don’t read or listen to anything donny.
Mal Branigan was interviewed last week, where admittedly he didn’t state the exact number of ST’s sold, but he did say sales were going good and were up on last season with a month to go.
Away allocations will obviously be from 1 – 5400, that’s not too difficult to work out as that is what the North Stands holds.
At this stage, I don’t think pay on the day prices have been decided. Anyway, even if they had, you would find a problem with them no doubt.
Talal stated last week that bundle tickets were being looked at, and there will be news on the new kit this week.
Loads of friendlies have also been announced.
So there you have it, loads of news has been announced and there is still a month to go. Take your anti Latics commercial department blinkers off and you will see or hear it all if you really want to.
Talal also stated a few weeks ago that the seats are still going to be changed, but not just yet, the team have been in Spain for 5 days, but are home now ready for the friendlies.
We have all recieved our Latics baseball caps and those that purchased the ‘Champions’ book have taken delivery.
I am sure more announcements have been made, but hopefully this little reply will put your mind at rest for a while.

PS, Are you going on Tuesday or have you not recieved your personal invite from the Commercial team yet??????