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Welcome back Vat69, right or wrong your posts have stirred things up and got the site talking again.

Imagine not supporting Latics.
Imagine supporting Blackburn, Preston or Bolton.

Imagine not winning 4 trophies in 9 years
Not beating Man City 3 times in the cup
Not playing in Europe, Charity Shield, Cup Semi finals
Imagine not seeing the best football ever played and the worst football ever played, all in the same year
Imagine not having “Will Griggs on fire”
Imagine not signing 50 crap players and 3 crap managers in a season
And doing it again 2 years later
Imagine not signing 8 crap and unfit players on deadline day
Imagine starting with no striker but 2 on the bench
Imagine not hating Nick Powell and loving Nick Powell
Imagine James McLean playing for your rivals. But their not your rivals really
Imagine not losing last minute goals every week
Imagine Jamie Jones leaving his drinks bottle alone while Kal Naismith plays a 30 yard back pass to him
Imagine not winning 8-0
Imagine not having the anger the heartbreak of administration
Imagine not raising £800k to save the club compared to Derby’s £2k
Imagine having fans who don’t care or love their team
Imagine not having empty seats
Imagine not having players who auction their medals to save the club
Imagine playing with a youth team and players nobody wants and still staying up
Imagine not playing 4 full backs because you’ve no central defenders
Imagine saying “I’m glad we’ve signed Will Keane, he’ll keep the treatment table warm”
Imagine not having Will Keane Wigan Latics goal machine
I imagine not starting with 5 players but still winning the league while have 3 cup runs and the efl not trying to stitch you up
Imagine not stuffing “the best team in the league” 4-0 on their own ground
Imagine not having Max Power shithousing the opposition fans
Imagine not having Callum Lang
Imagine not beating Leeds away and ruining their promotion
Imagine not sending Blackburn down
Imagine printing Blackburn Rovers league one champions tee shirts, only to have Wigan win the league
Imagine not winning the league one title more times than anyone else

Imagine not supporting Latics and supporting some other dull crap club

Are we laughing or crying?

Whichever way, Latics are a way of life, and whatever life throws at us, we have our crazy club to give us perspective. :yahoo:<noscript>:yahoo:<noscript>:yahoo:<noscript>:yahoo:</noscript> :yahoo:<noscript>:yahoo:<noscript>:yahoo:<noscript>:yahoo:</noscript> :yahoo:<noscript>:yahoo:<noscript>:yahoo:<noscript>:yahoo:</noscript>

I quite like this new version of the John Lennon classic “Imagine.”