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4 ST renewed today.

Mine to piss a few people off.

Well done TAV, take no notice of the knockers lad, just make sure you enter the Guess The Gate Competition,

I’m still not excited about the new season, I just don’t want to see us struggle….

…then again I never missed a game when Kenny Swain was in charge, and that was light years lower than we are now.

I hope we do well and play some quality stuff, but I also think a few teams may play us off the park. But if we are beaten by a better side with good goals, I can take that. I always applaud any decent goal scored against us. Its the ones where we dont clear our box or let a poor goal in that I cannot abide.

New kit..has grown on me. But I think the sponsor is too big. And it does scream ‘Peterborough’!

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