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I am not sure what I did wrong, but this is the reply Frank Bullitt put on Vital in response to Arthurs question of his whereabouts.

‘I’m still around Arthur, i posted on the Rigalletto’s thread the other day, I won’t be participating in the Guess the Gate competition this season because of the discrepancies last season.

Even though its only a bit of fun some lads do take it seriously I have no problem with that but when you take up the legitimate complaints with the organiser he lets the “wrong doers” get away with it.

Anyway i won’t bore you with the details just let someone else have a go this season.’

I never realised he had a problem with me and how it was run, and thought we got on great.
He did a fantastic job last season helping to keep the ship a float, and will be missed.

With this in mind, and the fact that there are mutinous overtones about knicking the competition from some on vital, I am desparately looking for someone to help out temporararily until I change my computer. Any offers????