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Thing is, we’ve seen him on a few occasions come on in a game when players are tired and turn them inside out then wooosh up pops that that bit of cutting edge skill. He also looks like he’s a bit bigger, stronger, filling out.
OK so Richardson doesn’t fancy him to start but to get him to strip down then sit him back down ?. I keep saying it, brtilliant coach sh1t manager. I’ve a feeling it wont be the players and the lack off effort and will get us into trouble, it will be the manager and his starting 11 and subs that will see us off.

Saturday was perfect because both sides looked shagged out last 15. 2 more things, Darikwa looks like a duck out off water over the halfway line and Bennett never once overlapped MacClean and took a man on, he looked like a guy totally lacking in confidence.

I’d have Pearce and MacClean swapping and overlapping. Those early crosses from Pearce are as good as you will get in this Division but he cant do it from the bench !!. There exactly what Magennis needs, not the hooofs up front to the big guy