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Thrown the game away ?, The whole objective is to out gun your opponent. They brought Woodburn on who should have scored.
Now I see McGrath has gone on loan this is after Richardson said rather than signings he’s gonna give our current squad a chance.

Aasgaard was ready on 80mins along with Pearce they were both waiting to come on.

There was a throw in and Richardson decided not to make subs. Pearce and Aasgaard stood for 10 minutes yes 10 fcukin minutes till he told Assguard to sit back down and he brought Pearce on on his own so infact Aasgaard could have come on with Pearce.

As for throw the game away ??? Kiss my arse, they brought two attacking players on and were clearly going for it.

Letting McGrath go on loan speaks volumes for me about Richardson who clearly is talking sh#te when he says give players a chance.
There are certain players in the squad who would still be left out even if bubonic plague hit the team
Fantastic coach

Couldn’t manage a f#ckin under 9’s