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    Why we having this stupid debate ?.As a football fan I’m concerned about us and our team and our results. Rugby is a very very small unknown northern sport most of the UK people have seriously no interest what so ever.
    You cannot paint a turd and throw glitter on it, it’s a minority sport a handful of people have any interest in. The sports £68million in debt and growing. Once head office goes into admin the organisation will implode and it will.

    If they don’t like Latics why over the past few years was they all drinking in the Warriors shed across the road before a game saying
    “Don’t drink in the ground, don’t give them your money.” I see regular post via the missus the usual fcukin nobheads posting up about us before Danson hoping we go bust.

    Mutty honestly you couldn’t wind up a Tonka toy pal, if you want a hand I’ll lift that rock for you so you can crawl under…