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    The problem we have is consistency. We blow gas fire hot then Antarctic ice cold there’s no in-between.
    That 2nd half was very poor too many players under performing. We’ve a forward on £10,000+ a week who’s not even on the bench.
    Assguard starts playing his best football the gets crocked. We just don’t have the depth within the squad.
    Sessegnon was brought back to quick and I’m sure he’s gonna be out for far longer than he was originally.
    The injury list will start to mount for sure. Lets get it right Cheltenham are a poor side who struggle for goals and we could have easily lost it with that second half performance.

    Look chaps it’s a nightmare job been the boss of Wigan right now we just have to hope Maloney can drill it into the players regarding levelling the performances because right now we could beat a Prem side on our day then the week after lose to the Dog & Duck from Liverpool