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    It’s more to do with contracts ending on the 30th June.
    We’ve 7 of the clubs biggest earners still on the payroll for roughly another fortnight.
    I roughly calculated that’s about 125k to 150k on wages in those 2 weeks. It would be pointless adding more with us still paying stupid money out while their scratching their sacks on a beach somewhere.

    There will be tonnes of players and clubs secretly negotiating behind the scenes weighing up their options with their agents and lots in talks with their current clubs about renewing.

    I think first 2 weeks in July will be when we start to see a flurry of action once the 30th June deadlines gone. J.Jones is one of them on the payroll and by all accounts he’s gone. We can’t pay him what he’s after.

    The list still be paid till June 30th is (reads like the Latics Forbes rich list):-
    Once they gone on the 10k plus a week we’ll have the weekly funds to bring players in.
    Yep it’s frustrating on the fans part hoping for news on new players but in our case with so many big earners going in one foul swoop we have to be patient
    Fook me m8 surely you must be use to the way we operate, nothing in small measures
    Full quad out
    New squad in

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