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    I honestly thought we’d see at least a couple more come in after the national contract day 30th June passed by.

    Only those in power at Latics will know what our pay structure (upper limit) is but it doesn’t look to be an healthy one judged on the amount of signings so far and who.

    I suppose we’ll just have to be patient and wait n see but I’ve a feeling it will be made up of loans,kids and players with horrific injury list as long as my arm but cheap and McManaman will be in the middle acting as the Geography teacher duster in hand trying to keep them all in line.
    There’s cutting your cloth to suit and shopping in the end of shelf on deadline day grabbing whatevers left which sadly I personally think is were and when we’ll do all our business.

    Look, Danson knew the pitfalls of owning a club, we currently need investment based on losing half our squad. I’m not sure we’ll get it and Maloney will be asked to perform another miracle.

    I don’t think he’ll still be here come Jan 2025 the pressure Danson will weigh on Maloney’s shoulders will be too much to bare. Without some quality players brought in (who cost by the way) I think it will take it’s toll on the manager to the point he’ll not be able to cope especially if we languish near the bottom.

    Let’s hope we start to see action and decent signings over the next few weeks as we desperately need bodies in asap

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