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    I certainly don’t envy Maloney’s job. For me it will be a case of “Here’s your budget now pull another rabbit out the hat with less than you had”.

    And if he doesn’t?, it’s simple, get rid and some other manager will come through the glass doors fancying his chances thinking he’ll turn it all round with some tweaks and managerial magic dust that’s, until he finds out exactly why Maloney failed.

    They say never blame your tools but to blame them you have to have them in the first place.

    This season should be all about “signing players” players on contracts so we can build a team over the next year or two, I just hope and pray that’s the case and it’s not a load of loans and has beens on the cheapo because this wholesale chopping n changing we famously do will just simply carry on for the foreseeable future.
    Sign & build I say