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maybe if you watched the football instead of certain players bits
you would understand why we are annoyed jrfatfan

I didn’t particularly want to watch the football as Arsenal appeared to be doing all the playing. :roll:

PS you don’t know the meaning of “annoyed” in a football sense. When you have a bit of time I’ll tell you some tales of the hundreds of times I’ve been proper annoyed during my 30 odd years of watching the tics. :roll: [/quote]

Difference being, back then we really were crap, had has-beens and never-will-be’s, and yet they gave their all, had a go, and we scored goals.

As opposed to now, when we have some half decent players, who are playing rubbish (the system) and we don’t score.

However by all accounts, things are coming to a head, with him supposedly of ‘lost the dressing room’. We’ll see.