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so oh wise sage -what do you do if you don’t have those type of players ?

most managers would adapt their game plan/methods to suit what they have, but martinez still ploughs the same furrow week in week out and its killing us, the crowd and players all know it, the only person who doesnt know it seems is martinez,

Regardless of that, He has a point though Griff. Bobby talked yet again after Saturday’s match of “learning lessons” from the defeat
Bar improving the defence/keeper situation from last season I don’t think he’s learnt a single lesson during the 18 months he’s been in charge
I can take Latics getting beat, I can take us getting relegated & I can take our best players being sold & replaced with inferior ones & I will support a manager who learns from his mistakes & that’s why I can’t support Bobby continuing as manager at this club because he makes the same mistakes over & over & over & over again – quite what it is gonna take for him to realise that his system isn’t working & he doesn’t have the players capable of playing that system successfully is beyond me