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As predicted earlier in the season, people wait to say I told you so about Martinez. Well I hope you feel happy that we are in this situation.

The rest of us, who I would call supporters of the club, are trying to get behind the manager and support what gets put out infront of us. We arent overlords for the footballing world who can change things instantly, all we can do to influence the game is what we say on the terraces/stands.

You know if I were Figgy, I would play cr*p every week and take the pay cheque every month. As when players step out on the field and are instantly criticised by their own fans, which could possibly be the people on this forum (The doom bringers), why would you bother.

Ge behind the team and go down with dignity or stay up in glory.

No offence but what a load of rubbish.
Who are the true supporters?? The ones who slavishly back up a quite clearly incompetent manager no matter how many mistakes he makes & now matter how few lessons he learns from those mistakes or those who do not want to see the club they love run so poorly (from a football management point of view) & can see that the only way at present to improve Latics situation is to get rid of said buffoon
You can clap, chant & support Martinez all you want coz it aint gonna change a single thing. His incompetence, pig headedness & inability to learn from his mistakes will only take Latics one way.
Ys its unlikely that our spell in the top flight would have lasted forever but when it ended I would have liked to have seen it do so with some real guts & fight not the dreary, inspid, passionless rubbish that’s been served up since August 2009

As for blaming the way Figueroa is playing on fans criticising him – do me a favour. The way he’s been playing this season he’s lucky to still be getting a pay cheque let alone not bother to try coz some people are getting on his back. When a player frequently plays so poorly as to make fundamental errors such as the one that gave Damien Duff a free run at goal the other week or completely leaves Van Persie to score the opener at the weekend then I think that the stick he’s been getting is far milder than he’d be getting at other clubs
i read that Villa & Sunderland are battling it out to win an £8mill race for his signature before the 31st. They want their feckin heads testin if its true & I’d snap their hands off for an 8th of that amount