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No offence but what a load of rubbish.

The point being, does continual booing and criticising players within the ground make a positive effect on the results, or would getting behind the team have a chance of raising the game of players?

Secondly, I agree people have the right to express their opinions on this site about the way forward and the rights and wrongs of managerial decisions etc. But for the love of Christ it is getting boring. And the fact people want to come on here and say I told you so, make people quite sad that they could live their lives waiting for such opportunities to say it. If you feel such passion about removing Martinez then organise a protest.

love it or hate it Whelan created the club that it is today, if he goes we could go under. Whether you like it or not Whelan and Martinez are a symbion link….. ok that was star wars episode 1….. one goes the other said he would follow. We have little choice.

And yes, I would love for us to sell Figgy, I would miss his cheeky smile, but for £8M I would take it. I just wouldnt criticise him before he kicks a ball.

I would like to see him play centre back once before he leaves. He looked half decent in that position in the world cup.