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Apologies if I went off on one Edinburgh – a frustrating drive in to work where I twice had to run back & go home for somet was given steam in that little rant!!!
i think the “true Supporters” bit was the part that got my heckles up!!

I take your point to be honest regarding continuing booing & heckling but in my experience it is far less prevalent now than it has been in the past under numerous managers
My experience of it now is also that the players don’t get continually booed or heckled – however i think its a natural reaction of a football supporter to leap to his feet & shout some abuse when (for example) Figueroa is taking no notice of who is behind him, just stops when a ball is played over the top & allows Damien Duff a free run on goal. I doubt there are many in the land who’s reaction would be to jump to their feet clapping & shouting “unlucky Figs, chin up, we know you can do it”
Likewise when yet another pass is misplaced its unlikely that the natural reaction is to clap & shout “unlucky, better luck next time”
In current circumstances with this manager I doubt an atmosphere like Galatasaray’s old stadium would have a positive effect on results coz his system, style & tactics are all wrong for a club with the quality of players we have against the quality of opposition we face

As for people criticising getting boring with the same comments week after week – IMO blame the manager coz he’s the one making the same mistakes week after week. That’s what I’m finding boring
To be honest if i was able to get to the games as much as I used to I’d try & organise some form of anti-Martinez protest although i might try a different approach to the one I used with Jewell ;) but there seems to be a real apathy & acceptance of going down without a fight. The last game i went to was the truly awful Newcastle one on Jan 2nd – I sat in front of a group of people (some of whom I recognised from the Springfield Park era) who complained between themselves all game about numerous players (Stam was their principal whinge) & even at one point criticised Latics fans for not having the guts to express their opinions publicly on Bobby coz of Whelan’s threat to walk too. Come the final whistle they themselves didn’t do a tap

Personally i think Whelan’s rant was an attempt to call supports bluff. Even if it wasn’t he is now at the stage (if shareholders accept his share thingy to wipe out his historic debt) no longer putting up any of his money into the club so if he goes the club doesn’t go under as it is now only spending out what it gets in.
On top of that where is he going to go?? That is who does he think is going to buy the club off him?? If he runs it into the ground as a way at getting back at supporters who forced Bobby out then its hurting him financially not anybody else?