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No worries, I have my rants every now and again Tyldsley.

I think most people agree things have to change if we want success at the club as no one cold be happy at the foot of the table. I just wish Martinez’s style would work week in week out, on its day it is great to watch, but when it fails to work it is awful.

The complaining I hear is usually from the off without kicking a ball. Gomez used to get the brunt of it till he was dropped.

Lastly for Whelan, it surprises me he has allowed us to get into the state where we are now, but I think financially he is trying to stabalise us for the future. Not sure if he was bluffing, but I suspect his ego wouldnt have liked the fans calling his judgement into question.

3 points against the Villa and all will be right in the world.