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You can still attack with 451 – ask Arsenal.

Trick is, being patient when it’s right to do so and attacking quickly at all other times.

Needs clever and talented players to make it work well – ah well!

so oh wise sage -what do you do if you don’t have those type of players ?

most managers would adapt their game plan/methods to suit what they have, but martinez still ploughs the same furrow week in week out and its killing us, the crowd and players all know it, the only person who doesnt know it seems is martinez, even his most ardent supporters on the message boards are now at the ‘hope we survive’ stage or making noises about life in the championship.

you have ridiculed me when i predicted what would happen to us if martinez persisted with what he was doing – and that was after a pre season friendly in august 2009 and at regular intervals since.

you griff and other martinez champions claimed this new renaissance we were experiencing was the way foward, when in fact, despite one or two all too brief highs, it was becoming more mistake ridden and monotonously boring with each passing game and player addition, many blame the players or whelan even for restricting funds, well out of 14 players involved on saturday no less than 9 were ‘bobby’s boys’ and of the other 5 on show 3 of them are our most saleable assets who may be gone later this week.

as i have said in another thread martinez also was the 9th highest spender in the premier league last summer and that includes 6.5 million down the pan on bosselli.

what arsenal do griff is play to their strengths, perhaps we should also, we would still go to the emirates and lose but perhaps we may take some pride from giving it a go.

martinez has had his chance and failed i only hope that when whelan does eventually sack him, probably when we are in a relegation fight in the championship, the damage being caused by this man is repairable.[/quote]

Fair comments, them.