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He arrived in ’95
As the club was starting to thrive
From under the cosh
To Whelan’s dosh
We started on a path
To the top.
Ten years it took
to rise up high
The clichéd press
cloth cap and pie
We had a Jewell in the crown
But six seasons on, we’re going down
Roberto returned, the prodigal son
to play good football, with 4-5-1
passing sideways
and usually back
Is it good?
No, it’s cack.
The chairmans wallet, remaining closed
After Boselli, no wonder, I suppose.
Best player to leave
he wants away.
Linked with only a freebie
It’s always the way.
The club is falling
going down, no doubt.
Yet have you ever seen Martinez scream, or shout?
No is the answer, he stands like a dummy.
If we weren’t so bad, it might be funny.
He has so many excuses
“we have lessons to learn”
Yet our players doth seem
an education they spurn.
Where will it end?
I often wonder.
Appointing this manager….

Oh, what a blunder.