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Griff, we made arsenal look good. I lost count of the times where we had nice possession of the ball but then failed to make it out of our half because of misplaced passes – we were then constantly on the back foot. We lost the game before the game started particularly when we started with the Chuckle Brothers in the centre of our defence.

We started the second half slightly better but only because Di Santo gave us more of a presence up front – Rodders didn’t have a kick in the first half. Di Santo was getting very frustrated though when our midfield failed to spot the ball over the top when he had made a good run. He and Al Habsi were the only two positives to take from today – oh and McCarthy on the bench! Why didn’t McArthur start by the way?

Despite missing my train back and seeing us roll over and allowing Arsenal to tickle our bellies, the worst part of the day was being patronised by smug Arsenal fans on the way home – ‘you don’t travel well do you, I knew your away support was bad..’ one harped on.

Smug cockney tw~ts!

By the way Charlie didn’t look interested. I think I was sat in front of his brother with a load of other Frenchies. He’ll be off in the next couple of days.