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Are you also becoming annoyed with him?

I feel in your recent comments you would be very pleased to see the worst manager we have ever had depart our club.

Nope, not annoyed at all.

It’s clear he’s struggling, but so would anyone with the players we have and the financial constraints we have compared to other clubs.

And in any case, what is without doubt is that Whelan isn’t for getting rid so there isn’t much point getting annoyed.

Oh, by the way… Kenny Swain, Chris Hutchings. Just two names for you.[/quote]

martinez has not been starved of funds in fact he was the ninth highest spender in the premier league in the last window and that includes undeclared amounts for de santo and alcaraz -the fact is he didnt spend it wisely.

blame whelan or the players if you like everbody has an opinion of who is the culprit,but the real reason for the mess at the moment is purely down to martinez being poor at his job and thats the bottom line.

i agree with you griff whelan wont get shut,but i also truly believe that martinez ranks along side the two ex managers you mention.