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Sorry – I can’t agree with the Doom & Gloom.

We weren’t particularly crap – Southampton were surprisingly good. They were up for it. They challenged. They clearly had a game plan to close us down and not let us do our fancy stuff – and it worked. Almost to perfection.

We will learn from this. Players need to up their game. The onus is on them.

We didn’t play well (that’s not the same as “we were crap”), but got a point that we didn’t deserve. I have certainly seen us play a lot worse.

And to do those who booed DURING the game – get a life. Do you really think that helps??? :angry:

iam not usually one to slag the team off but today we were crap in the second half. yes southampton were up for it but why wern’t we? how long do we have to wait for players to up their game? we won’t learn from this its the same every week, it will be the same next week. who ever coaches the players to play like that needs to leave the club and if that is martinez so be it