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QPR are only doing what man city or chelsea have done for the last few years’

For those of you worried about or hoping they go bankrupt I have some good news for you.

If Tony Fernandes goes skint, although he has a personal fortune of some $ 500million, they may not be able to call on the man who is the real money behind QPR Lakshmi Mittal, up until a couple of months ago he was quoted by Forbes to be the 6th. richest man in the world but he lost over $12 BILLION on share values and it seems he is now on his arse, struggling and down to his LAST $160 BILLION.

The poor fellow has dropped to 125th richest person in the world.

If rednapp bought a full new squad of £10 millon + players and paid them all 100k a week, it would still only be a small blip in Mittals wedge.