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I WOULD……..there needs to be a restriction on these teams that can’t play football, but spend money beyond their clubs means just because they’ll get a bigger deal of sky next season……it’s pathetic and one of the reasons why i hope this league implodes……..

bundesliga and la liga are getting stronger and stronger…….the prem is being run and ruined by tie wearing office c**ts that know fook all about anything to do with the game.

and the 1/4 final draw of the champions league will prove that the prem is not all it’s cracked up to be…………….no wonder platini hates our league….. I DO TOO

I dont remember many WAFC fans, including you, objecting when David Whelan was “spending money beyond their clubs means” when buying our way out of the 3rd and 4th division or keeping us in the premier league by spending more than a club of our size or stature should be capable of.

You claim la liga is getting stronger ???????????

Watch sky sports news at the moment and transfer news, valencia and malaga have both sold players for less than they paid because EVERY TEAM except barca and madrid is in dire financial straights.