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I was saying only last week that the standard of the Premier League has diminished more and more each season since we got promoted.

The first season, it WAS the best League in the world. There was the likes of Arsenal, with Thierry Henry, Berhkamp, Pires, etc etc. United with Ronaldo, Rooney, Van Nistelrooy, Scholes, Giggs, etc. Chelsea were champions, and were on top of their game with Lampard, Terry, Drogba, etc at their best. And Liverpool were reigning European Champions.

English football at that point was at it’s pinnacle, I believe.

But since then, the absolute top-class players have left the Premiership, usually for La Liga. The standard we are at in 2013 is nowhere near as good as back in 2005. Not a chance. United are still top, but are nowhere near as good as they were. City only won the league last year because they spent about £300 million. There would be something wrong if they HADN’T won it! Plus United were just not good enough. Chelsea’s bubble has burst, Arsenal are hit and miss, Spurs are hot and cold…..

But for finances, those clubs would be no better than any other at this moment in time. The best of the the rest are Everton…and they are nowhere near winning the title. People say there’s a big gap between the Premiership and the Championship. I disagree. The top four or five clubs, yes, but only financially. From the 5th club down to the 20th, there’s not much between them and the top sides in the Championship.

Regarding the Bundesliga, the one thing it has in it’s favour is the fact that clubs are far more self sufficient, in that rather than spend millions on imports, they tend to bring a lot of young players through their youth systems, and it’s already paid dividends. When Borussia Dortmund won the Bundesliga a couple of years ago, their home-reared squad had an average age of only 22, the youngest side to ever win the Bundesliga. The clubs are far more sensibly ran, the quality of football is superb, and the fans pay very reasonable prices to watch the action.

Our very own GARSWOOD_LATIC is off to watch the Berlin Derby in 2 weeks. I hope he puts some photo’s on here from the Olympiastadion. It’s a Bundesliga 2 fixture, but it will attract a 70,000 crowd. It’s a great matchday expereience over there. You can get in to games for less than £20, the beer is decent, teh food is superb bratwurst sausages and frikadelen (burgers) sold at fair prices. It feels like a festival or something sometimes, under the beer tents and marquees. It’s tradition in Germany for away fans to ‘bring a keg’ and tap it open with opposition fans.

Over here in the Premiership, you walk to the stadium like a robot, pay £3 for a programme (if you bother), pay £3.50 for a pint of what is supposed to be ale….tastes like dishwater, and sit in your plastic seat, usually in an atmosphere that is like a morgue. If you want a burger, it’s another £3.50, or chips for £2……

£££££££££££. Shite. Deutchland Uber Alles. Any day.