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Finally someone on my wave length…………..the prem is not all it’s cracked up to be… over-hyped by sky and the national media. it’s all an illusion created by whoppers in suit’s who know very little about the game.

as i said, 5 years and the bundesliga will be the top league in europe along with la liga…………….

and let’s be honest, with all the stick we get off opposition fans (usually southerners) who have bought into this sky generated, false money greed league bollox….i for one can’t wait to see their sunbed tanned, x-factor style faces on SSN when the prem implodes!!!!!!!

Not even fully read this thread but agree with what you say..

The Prem isn’t the bst league in the world..

If Man Utd win the league this season, with that squad, then it says a lot about the quality of the league. B)