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Only places I drink Lager are Czech Republic, Poland, or Germany. That’s NOT lager they serve here. It’s shite.

What about the Czech, Polish or German beers that are sold here?[/quote]

To be honest, most places that sell them on draft get it wrong.

I went to Liverpool and had a pint of Staropramen (Czech) at the Philharmonic pub which is a big old place, very popular with tourists. (worth a visit) They got it SPOT ON. It was like they sell in Prague. Decent head on it, not too gassy, really palatable. Later on we went to the White Star in Mathew Street and again ordered Staropramen. They served it with hardly any head on and it was all gas.

Kaiserdom is a good one to look for. And I know they did a good pint of Erdinger at the Miller & Carter on Parbold Hill. Might still do.