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TBH my post was just an impression of the girly dig he had at me earlier in the year.

No Phil Neville is no Christiano Ronaldo but I think if you ask any Evertonian they will consider him a great player and adds the sort of metal to a team that I dont think we have had since Cattermole left.

As for the rest :

Nicky Butt : 2002 World Cup – World class performance !
Sharpe – Quality player who unfortunately liked to party a bit too much and got him in trouble with Ferguson.
Carrick – Most underappreciated midfielder in the history of the PL and is a massive player for Man Utd and has been for years!
Bellion, Kleberson, Manucho, Djemba Djemba, Obertan – All these hardly got carried at united they were crap while they were at the club.

Putting Butt’s World Cup performance aside he might have a point on Nicky Butt, Richardson & Gibson.

But I would have both Richardson and Gibson here tomorrow given the choice.

I didn’t see Carrick in Yosser’s original post to be honest… that’s one thing I disagree with.

I think, on his day, Carrick is one of the best centre mids in the Prem.