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Standish, you are repeating yourself now, so I will repeat myself. I am sorry for criticising your idol. I just don’t know how you can come out with a bold statement like you did, unless you watch all the games… I could call that talking nonesense. You really do remind me of the ex wife, you are not female by any chance? I haven’t read your profile. As for the edit, whats your point?

Yes, I am repeating myself because you obviously have Martinez issues and assume my response is in defence of my ‘idol’.

It isn’t; it’s in response to you spouting nonsense that Sam Allardyce is pushing Diame out of the club because he’s discovered the player isn’t up to much.

So, I’ll repeat it for a third time: I’m sensitive to people talking nonsense, and your statement…

‘I was wondering how long it would take Fat Sam to work Diame out…I suspect Sam is actively looking to get shut’

…is nonsense.

You’re right, my ‘extensive’ research doesn’t contain a line which states ‘Diame is West Ham’s best player’. Maybe if I Googled, sorry, I mean conducted some more research I might find one.

Whatever, they all allude to a player who has been on the bench because he’s been injured, meaning your line…

‘ I would’ve thought Sam would prefer his best player on the pitch, not either substitute or substituted’

…is again nonsense, and a player, rather than being someone they ‘want to get shut’ of, is regarded as…

‘one of their best players’, ‘in outstanding form before his injury’ whose leaving would have a ‘ drastic effect on the team’ and who lead Sam Allardyce to quote:

‘He’s our player and hopefully come 1 February he will still be our player’

If you want to think of me as female and your ex-wife, and if it really makes you feel better, please do so. I won’t be offended.