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Having thought this would be just another run of the mill thread on a past player – its actually turned out to be quite entertaining.

Keeping to the subject in hand however, Diame was always going to end up at one of the top clubs – and as mentioned previously, i think ‘the arsenal way’ is a good step for Diame. The player is a very talented young man. The only regret i have is that we werent able to cash in on him – maybe the initial outlay of a big contract of 40k may have been a good gamble on a transfer return of 7-10 million for him 12 months down the line. It was a gamble though and one i suppose DW wouldn’t entertain.

Diame has been outstanding for west ham so this idea of him beeing ousted by Big Sam is one that i just dont agree with at all. The player had the terms of a release transfer fee added to his contract which wisely allows him to move for a minimal fee. nothing wrong there!!!