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Lad at work is a West Spam fan and rates Diame highly. He doesn’t want him to go nor does Sam (according to him)

I rated him in his first season for us, he reminded me of Viera the way he played but he went off the boil for the rest of his time and never really looked interested.
Did here the rumour that cos he wouldn’t sign a new contract Whelan didn’t want him playing. I’ve also heard that said about Alcaraz recently??

I couldn’t agree more, I remember after his first 6 months for us he looked promising but he struggled to keep up that level of performance, only playing in cameo roles is a luxury this club can ill afford. It came as no surprise to me that our season took off when he was dropped, (tho I don’t know whats happened this season) Give me McArthur any day of the week. It’s funny to see people rate him highly, but people are entitled to their opinions and thats what makes these forums entertaining. I can’t see him playing for a top club, but what do I know? Very little according to Miss Walker.