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What do you base this on? Appearances? Goals? I would’ve thought Sam would prefer his best player on the pitch, not either substitute or substituted.

Diame later took part in a full training session but West Ham are struggling to hold on to one of their best players.

Diame has been outstanding for us this season

Diame, who was in outstanding form before his injury and is now fit again following

to lose a player of Diame’s stature would have a drastic effect on the team

Or this…
We’ve had no bids from any of the clubs that have been rumoured in the papers. He’s our player and hopefully come 1 February he will still be our player. (

PS. He was on the bench because he’s been injured. He’s played 18 games and scored 2 goals thus far.[/quote]

He’s as good as me on the bench, but none of that suggests he is their BEST player. Sorry for criticising RM, I realise you are sensitive to this from the research you put into your reply.