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If it’s Everton, I’d like it to be 1980 all over again

I doubt we will take 20,000 though, like in 1980.

Everton’s biggest post war attendance for a game other than a Merseyside derby, it was, I believe.[/quote]

Is this true, must have been some bandwagon jumpers on board, probably only averaging about 3000 then.[/quote]

Tis true Lowey the lasting memory from that game for me was that it seemed every Latics fan there that day had bought flags on sticks only for the Scoucers to ban the ruddy sticks.All that money spent by our loyal fans only for some bureacratic loony to make us take the very thing away you was supposed to bloody wave.Huge piles of sticks outside the turnstiles tho :lol: :lol: Oh and the advertising board in the Park end fell off and nearly crowned us :cheer: