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And how much stick would Bob get if he put out most of the first team in the cup and a few of them got injured? Plenty, I would think.

They could get injured in the next league game ! This wrap em up in cotton wool lark is a big fuckin joke ! Get em played and if they get injured then so be it. The late Les dagger ( Ex Nob Ender ) who’s windows I clean used to say that players don’t know they’re born these days and yes I did get tales of heads split open by the lace etc etc ! He did have a wicked scrap book though from when he played with the likes of Tom Finney, Tommy Thompson, Willie Cunningham and Tommy Docherty :)[/quote]

I don’t necessarily disagree with you, but that wasn’t my question. If he plays the first team and, say, three of them get injured and miss the “must win” Reading game, how much stick would he get?
, we get three first rstvetamers injured and out[/quote]

I for one would be cool with it and put it down to kismet. If we progress to the quarter finals of the FA Cup then the injured players would have given their all for the cause, its all hands on deck now and sacrifices will have to be made as everybody pulls together and gives every ounce of grit and determination that they have within them ! I nearly morphed into Mel Gibson then !! :cheer: