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I’d like to see a strong side put out as I want Latics to get as far in it as possible but I don’t buy into it being a kick in the confidence knackers if a scratch side gets knocked out.
How would it effect the confidence of Di Santo, Caldwell, McCarthy, McArthur etc.. if a side they have no involvement with gets beat as they’ve had no input in it?

i think though that we’ll see a stronger side than has been out for the previous 2 rounds but purely due to the fact that we have some players coming back from injury who Bobby mentioned last week were looking at this game as comeback targets such as Alcaraz & the Japanese fella. Plus we have other players who need a bit more match practice (Kone & Scharner) I expect a line up not far from:
1 – Robles
2 – Stam
3 – Mustoe
4 – Scharner
5 – Alcaraz
6 – Golobart
7 – Gomez
8 – Jones
9 – Kone
10 – Miyaichi (??)
11 – Fyvie