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I stand corrected re the actual cause of Best’s death but he was back on the sauce at the time and actually allowed one of the big newspapers to photograph him on his death bed with the message ” Don’t Die Like Me ! ” As for Gazza, his money has been used to have him admitted to many top class rehab clinics and psychiatric hospitals and he has been given countless chances down the years, something that our street drunk would never ever receive ! His multiple drink driving offences don’t auger too well either ! The comments underneath his latest drunken video are split with support and no sympathy and I just happen to be in the latter camp !

You can argue his alcoholism caused his death as if he hadn’t been an alcoholic then he wouldn’t have needed a liver transplant & then he wouldn’t have had the side effects of the drugs he was taking. That’s why I think he let the Sun take & publish the photo of him.
I just think that it’s too easy to dismiss all alcoholics as people with no self-control – no doubt there are many where it has come about as a result of people just enjoying a drink a bit too much but for many it’s far more complicated than that
What caused it in George Best I don’t know although there are some who argue there can be a genetic trait & his mother was an alcoholic. My dad also knew him quite well when he first came over from Belfast (the house he lodged at was in the same cul-de-sac) & he always used to say that he’d never met anyone as shy as him in his life & maybe the drink was his way of coping with being thrust in the limelight like he was
As for Gazza – this probably doesn’t sound very PC but he always seemed a bit unbalanced to me. I remember seeing some interview of his after (I think) the Spurs v Arsenal cup semi at Wembley in 1991 where he was just babbling nonsense & making random grunts & stuff at the camera. Also saw a documentary on him once that claimed he was suffering from undiagnosed/untreated tourettes. Both of which (if correct) could lead to how he has ended up[/quote]
I’d disagree with you and say it is of course a lack of self-control.

No matter what the reasoning or rationale used to explain why they starting drinking heavily in the first place, unless they are deliberately drinking themselves to death, their lack of voluntary or involuntary self-control is what prevents them from quitting.

It’s exactly the same with smoking. I tried dozens of times to quit and failed, and it was only a bout of swine flu that finally did it for me. Not recommended by the way, but highly effective![/quote]

Swine flu! I came down with that and spent a few nights crashed on the couch, burning up and in a bad way, to be honest. At one point I was halleucinating and actually saw my nan stood in the doorway, she died in 2000…but I clearly saw her, I even spoke to her! Crazy.

As for Gazza, he was my football hero when I was younger. If he had gone to United in 1988, and he was so close to doing so, his life and career would’ve been so different. I read in Sir Alex Ferguson’s autobiography that he spoke to Gazza and it was agreed he was going to United. Fergie was going on holiday and Gazza told him “I’m joining United Mr Ferguson. Go and enjoy your holiday.” So Sir Alex flew off and the day after he was sat by the pool and picked up a paper to read “Spurs sign Gazza”.

Turns out Spurs had turned young Gazza’s head by buying his mum and dad a new house and car. Missing out on Gazza is something Sir Alex has always regretted.